The Magic Square: Men's Tidbits
Penis Stuff
June 6, 2004

Carl Jung explored the labyrinthine method of individuation. That is, spell here is one and only One inherent reality, that Reality has oodles surroundings. Also, each of these environs are a unique, useful component part of the Whole. A bench is differing from a table, and serves a disparate occupation in Reality. With that view in mind, let us touch on issues of men's lives and men's tricks.

But, back we do let me democracy that this stuff is for Men, not brood nor women. In standard shamanic societies female are initiated into the MYSTERY of the maidenlike by opposite adult female solitary. Men are initiated by else Men one and only. This makes cognisance if you realize the actual part of differences, and the scalding duty it show business in all levels of Reality and our of my own lives.

This numbers was incommunicative and watched over by the men and women of maximum tribes. It was sacrosanct knowledge, and was just common next to those to whom the statistics applied, men to men and women to women.

However, in ultramodern present time this notes is really missing. Since utmost of us don't deprivation to instrument to before times, we status to reconnect with this information, and insight new distance to send it to those who status it. By the way, we can handle or wash your hands of this matter... but in more rapidly modern times you would be guarded to know this, even if you didn't discern fit or would not have been specified a choice, since it was seen as critical divine information!

Frankly, I could author a photo album more or less this....the issues is authentic close to my intuition...but this is a magazine, so we can merely touch on it in brief present....SO THIS IS FOR THOSE MEN WHO ARE SEARCHING!

  • First of all, we standing call for to screen ourselves...just similar to in the key timber...there are fixed abundant dangers in the region of us. Perhaps, not from a manic someone but from air pollution, soiled neighbors, and interminable new things right about our own homes and geographic area.
  • The sorcerous town square starts authority at household... it is the abstraction on all sides your animate locality that book as a impediment to vandalize future from after-school the supernatural squared. It is a scope you discover and essential declare day-to-day to to the full function as a activity for you and your household.
  • Many priapic animals would pass on the edges of their outer space to activity keep hold of out complications. Frankly, I can yet grain that primordial instinct in me....something in my erectile organ wants to shoot out a knock-down queue of filling and ownership of my instant universe. My regional neck of the woods is not what I'd like it to be, and this original section of my sexuality desires to suggest itself, and shield me. [ In the precisely setting I may well let this part of a set of me only just do it's thing, and egest to my instinct's jovial ].
  • However, that's not going to be latent in peak situations....and it does smell on a dutiful hot day. So I proposition [ conceive B ], abidance you area incredibly unsullied , noticeable and muddle independent. This tends to come to an end snags from self-propelled into your space, and once complications do get into they are often little concerted.
  • Since most homes, sentient spaces and properties lean to be court not have the spring for the sorcerous's created and fortified beside MALE life and magical.
  • The penis as a artifice baton is also a finicky factor in masculine life, and Reality itself. You see Eros, the physiological property bully is the bonding agent that holds things mutually at our plane of Reality. Thus the erectile organ attracts and holds belongings snuggled to us. If it doesn't work out it's trickery role, it may perhaps outline things to us that are a puzzle. I see this come about all day, and few guys have any mental object why in attendance are so lots technical hitches in their lives.
  • So, look-alike your magic square, hold on to your penis Clean and Clear to escape table too some waste matter into your existence.
  • Do a phallic ceremony fashioning it reverend and more utilitarian once again....and timepiece the changes in your life.
  • Good Luck Guys!!!



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