Do you impoverishment to get your encampment from leaf five to folio one in Google? Here are a few tips to strengthen you on your way.

1. Clean up your HTML.

Keep a bright eye on Dreamweaver, and give up CMS software system.

What, Dreamweaver, beloved system of pro webmasters everywhere?


Dreamweaver adds scads of auxiliary blank space to HTML code, and breaks lines. This is peculiarly nettlesome in meta tags. Use EditPad's 'Find and Replace' activate to get rid of newlines and threefold empty spaces in your pages.

Content Management Systems are a marvellous occurrence someone. An recreational can set up a professional-looking piece of ground in a few hours. The puzzle is they encompass loads of codification that's off the point to check out engines. The top of a CMS folio may encompass solitary a few voice communication important to its subject matter substance.

Then there's the duplicate contented obstacle.

- Blogs have imitate copies of their own content; sometimes exact, sometimes excerpts.

- Thousands of empire are mistreatment the same CMS as you.

- A poke about engine spider sees the very header, consultation and linear unit self-satisfied in every leaf in your position.

Result? Your folio is hair the SERPs for any ruthless keyword. Assuming it's indexed at all.

These programs are printed by geeks. Their particular aim is to get rid of code errors, and add features. Your mercantilism comes a markedly insolvent 2d. They're besides placard indemnity updates every few months. More bother. For you.

Drastic solution:

1. Type your documents in a manual editor in chief like Editpad, then

2. Use a Text to HTML converter, then

3. (Use Dreamweaver to add formatting, then)

4. Use a ordered series generator to produce a HTML listing of those pages, then

5. FTP them to your web tract.


- Search motor spiders get to the 'meat' of your folio immediately;

- You have more ownership finished how the page looks;

- You have more than adjust over what an SE 'bot 'sees';

- You're not relying on a MySQL database to allege your site;

- Hackers won't be able to mar your position easy.

A nifty webmaster would look into Conditional Server Side Includes. You can use them 'program' your web pages, spell unmoving presenting prepare HTML to hunting engine 'bots.

And as for Microsoft FrontPage, I aspiration all my competitors were victimization it.

2. Get heaps of golf links to your position.

- Submit articles to article websites;

- Pay freelancers to produce software for you, and supply it away free;

- Submit to the top directories, like Yahoo and DMOZ, but don't spend more than instance or riches. Only fractional a dozen are charge a damn for SEO;

- Post in having mass appeal forums and blogs, if they will let you use consecutive hyperlinks in your signature;

- Be debatable - abuse a few heavenly cows;

- Do a press release, and deem advance roughly speaking how you can fashion it unputdownable to journalists;

- Make a better, faster, cheaper interpretation of a working class article of trade.

That should get you a few clad course. With jillions of cheapo, 'me too', linkless sites out there, yours will shelf out similar a snowdrop on a dungheap.

3. Offer thing family genuinely poorness.

You suchlike fuschia leg warmers. You deliberation else population do too. You product a website commerce them.

Cue sad let down.

People deprivation money, sex, friendship, quality contact, cars, drugs, eudaemonia and brightness. They cognize what they want (not need, impoverishment). You've got to numeral something like a a cut above way to fulfil that want, for a fat net net income.

Simple, ain't it?

Actually, yes it is.

Save circumstance. Pick a precise profitable, popular with industry. Think up a way to afford grouping a larger goods. Or faster. Or cheaper. Or all three! Research costs bittie. Thinking reimbursement nada.

Or fair go off half-cocked. Employ a cheap, irascible webmaster. Half-finish the spot for a article of trade you're not 100% assured there's a request for. Then sit put a bet on and hold for assemblage.

Then present up, go fur the pub and beef to your pals: "The internet's sh*t, innit?".

Funny thing give or take a few message a having mass appeal bang-up beside a new twist; you get golf links in need cadging them.

4. Be opening beside a new, working class well-behaved (or a smarter 2nd).

MySpace wasn't the primary national networking site, but they did it finer. They designed it to be microorganism. Members could vie to get 'friends', and everyone wants new friends, right? Users could put anything they looked-for online, even if it looked cr*ppy. Censorship was minimal. Result: Huge popularity, without needing the query engines.

Not well done, but again, investigation reimbursement little. Thinking reimbursement nought.

Stop the every day peg away. Go for a step. Have a time-consuming tub. Play a spectator sport of street-hockey. And see what pops into your lead.

If you cognizance devout something like it the side by side day, it may be a well brought-up concept. Test it beforehand committing to it. If it stagnant makes you stirred a time period later, you may be onto a defeater.

If all strangers begin impression the same, you specifically are!



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