Introduction: Here is an abnormal war verse form Dennis has written today, on the Iraqi war. He aforementioned after subsequent it for 4 years, " is acquiring old; yet it sells written document doesn't it?" He was for the war once it was a war, so he told me, but now it is not, it is more a force action, he explains to me, and feels maybe we have overstayed our welcomed. "And what are the motivating factors now?" he asks. He adds, "When we get into quizzical the motives, after a war, once they are not clear, it is possibly occurrence to depart from..." Dennis self a Vietnam Vetern knows a flyspeck bit just about how it all works; and present in this poem, he paints his visualize of war, the Iraqi war, and how he sees the colours of war through with color crayons of a miniature boy.

The Color of War

[Iraqi: war poem]

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Thoughts Out Of Season

I saw the new day-

A littler boy food coloring away

(With crayons) in a study book;

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With all coloured pencil

Under the rainbow-

And later many...

And once I took a second look

I contemplation of the Iraqi war

(American and Allied soldiers)

And all the colours it stood for:

Red was for the body fluid they've shed;

Gray, for deflation of their families

Far away...

Blue was for sad skies;

Black and white, for departure and life;

Green, for the spoils we've not seen;

Brown, for the horse cart and unclean nights

All the solders had to fight-on

Foreign floorboards.

I pleaded, for the boy to stop,

Surprised, he looked up at me-

With his deep blue-black eyes, haunting

Me, he said, with a rip on his cheek:

"I needed to color the soldier's feet!"

I looked and nearby it read: 'Peace'

Already colored-in, next to gray:

Said the boy inactive sounding at me:

"That's the way it came."

#1371 6/16/06



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