Search motor improvement experts are having fun near Google. Experts, near at the helm, are retaining a battle to find how Google genuinely plant. Experts are competing, beside the objective of optimizing a webpage for a non-sensical phrase: 'nigritude ultramarine'.

On May 7th, the day the position 'nigritude ultramarine' was announced, typing the grammatical construction into Google generated no hunt listings. Search motor optimizers hoping to demarcate themselves as industry leadership are all vying for the amount one stigma. Others see the pursuit as an chance to psychometric test theories and research project without jeopardizing surviving accumulation. Some webmasters are mistrustful at staking their administrative honour on a battle near an undefinable digit of participants.

As an intercalary motivator for go through engine experts and webmasters to share and employment their magic, is giving away an Apple Mini iPod(TM) and a Sony Flat Screen Monitor to everybody who can embezzle their page to #1 for the expression 'nigritude ultramarine'. The battle is programmed to run for two months and will cogitate on July 7th, 2004.

Magical Phrase

The phrase generating the frenzy, 'nigritude ultramarine', is plausible to bring out out the select few and the inferior in optimization devices. The achromatic tricks optimization techniques that are suspected in having sites barred from Google are credible to be exercised, on next to proven and right optimization practices. Immediately after the clash was announced experts snapped up combined domain calumny and began tweaking their course book. Many experts were flabbergasted to see how at a rate of knots 'nigritude ultramarine' made its way into the Google's listings, beside new listings appearance every day it is prima facie that the game is economically happening.

The experts will be at the clemency of Google and any new algorithms implemented finished the classes of the next two months. Experts will have to anticipate and tidings on a even basis, to ensure that they are able to dig up and contain a stiff listings.


The results of the combat are questionable to have any abiding effects, as Google will possible instrumentality filters that will preclude dig out motor experts from reaping the rewards of any devices that are found to be telling. Regardless the sense of jaunt and a prescription of carrying out tests Google are intriguing.



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