If you poverty to live in longer, the life style of first nation should be a prime example for you. You should be interested why centenarians go centenarians and what they do for live that prolonged.

Is it because they have low cholesterol?

Is it because they eat intuitive food?

Is it because they exert a lot and live a unused life?

Jean Calumet of France, is the long recorded proverbial creature who has of all time lived. In 2001 once she died, was 122 time of life old. Well, if you deprivation to cram going on for her lifestyle, you should cognise she smoked all of her existence and drank.

As far as I know, within are three major studies targeting centenarian go and behaviour circa the global. All of them are exasperating to let slip the facts that would talk over longevity among these relations.

The judgment on these leading centenarian studies is that at hand is just to put anything in widespread among all of them. There are centenarians beside broad sterol and low cholesterol, both smoke and one don't, whatever elbow grease and whatsoever don't, a number of paint the town red and few are abstinent. Some are nice and silent. On the contrary numerous are horrible and agitated.

But they frozen have thing in common: a low sugar even in their blood, comparatively for their age. They all have low triglycerides for their age. And they all have comparatively low hormone.

Is this an possibility to consider that the differences in life span duration are regulated by insulin?



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