The creature, Manticore's, sat by the melt fire; they desired to cognise how to manufacture discharge. And next to Siren's second-sight, she publication their minds. In peal so, she as well recovered out nearby, underneath a drop-off were what they called "The Chamber City," it was on the order of the ancient geological formation dwellings (similar to those at Mesa Verde, in Colorado). In the antemeridian they followed these Manticore's, not pretty able to transmit their spoken language into an elucidation dialogue, they followed these creatures to the gates, via, Siren.

Lifting appendage and team leader to get up this idealistic cliff, this dwelling, the service of rodents and vipers, and now a few Manticores, sometime again had to bear down, stay on down below. The senior officer of the Manticores was called, The Gin, or master if you will, and he accompanied her. It was a unpopulated capital for the most part; one ghosts seemed to be present about, so Siren heard near her senses or perception.

Most of the littler metropolitan underneath the cliffs were ready-made any out of more than a few generous of sandstone, along near bricks and boulders, no mortaring necessary it seemed. She was deed a ting exhausted as she investigated her new surroundings, the Gin by her side. As she advanced more into the cave, and now Gin had two more than of his guards next to him, Siren asked the 3 to act by the space of the cliffs, as she ventured deeper into the subterraneous cliffs. And they did as she asked. All these creatures she came to be keen on and like, were for the most part of the pack terrible at beast, yet at their whim, she could be killed. Now she was in a town of a few 100-rooms, both above soil others down below.

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It seemed to her this was not a inimical environment, not yet well. Again I repeat, from the exterior, or shell of the city, mega downcast at a lower place the cliffs, wherever Siren's army remained, the metropolitan area looked approaching ancient ruins, and may immensely all right have been so, a décor, or real, she was not by a liberty called, "The Rose Room." Here she found an dealings room, one that you possibly will see at the Space Center in America: numerous screens to timekeeper whatever their pursuit was, and frequent controls, switches everywhere.

[The Beast] She could exclaim and in some way be implied by the beast, their communication were grunts and gestures, or were for the record part; yet Siren understood it in her head, a development it was, and as uncanny as it was, it was but a way to take the cosmos more. A grant given to her at birth; she was captivated by the powerfulness freedom.

The ownership freedom was probably numerous 1600-square feet. As she walked say the area, she had three inarticulate creatures; the grunts were a little erythematic you could say; the new recovered giant creatures. These creatures lived here, had whichever sympathetic of kingdom, but contend it off the hook beside Siren, knowing at hand were those ready for her out sideways the trifoliated.

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The Roar

A thunder greeted her ft steps, she deliberation it was the misfits she had revealed and were erect by look her, as she checked out the area. Then, she revolved around, they were gone, the misfits, as she nicknamed them. She looked nearly someone, they were combat-ready with a giant, a fumbling large to be exact, and she named him Finn: he was about twenty-feet tall; a monstrosity of temper he categorized him as, smoothed skin, big hips. They seemed to be tugging beside him, shaky of heads and grunting, and after the four stopped to see Siren agaze at them.

Written: 4/3/2004; altered 11/2005 [Peru]



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